If you’re ready to top off your summer style with haute hats, then we have all the tips and tricks to help you shade the competition. You’ll be brimming with confidence when you crown your beach look with a chic straw hat or take that fedora to your next summer festival to add a fun twist. To help ensure you’re in the fashion game, we’ve put together a guide including different hats, shoes and other accessories to make the most of your stylish summer. Grab your favorite fedora and tilt that trilby because we’re filled to the brim with summer styling tips for wearing a hat.

Best Hats for Summer — When it comes to stylish hats for ladies, nothing completes a summer outfit quite like a trendy fedora or fun sun hat. Picking the best hat for summer involves balancing practicality, comfort, and style. First, you want to think about the material. Lightweight options such as linen, cotton, and straw offer sun protection and breathability. Hats with wide brims of about 3” can shield your face while protecting your neck from harmful UV rays. A classic fedora or floppy sun hat are both versatile yet chic options. Hats should fit comfortably on your head and, if needed, choose a hat with an adjustable inner band. Play around with hats in different colors and patterns to add a fun twist to your summer look.

Wearing Hats at Summer Weddings — While a hat is certainly a statement accessory, we can’t forget about the power of cute heels to add the perfect finishing touch. Pairing a hat with a cute pair of heels at a summer wedding is a great way to accessorize and show off a little personality. It’s a practical way to get sun protection while taking your outfit to the next level. Opt for elegant hat styles like a fedora, fascinator, or wide-brimmed hat. Summer wedding hats should be made from light, breathable materials like sinamay, one of the most popular hat-making fabrics woven from the processed stalks of the Philippine abaca tree or straw. Coordinate the hat’s color to your outfit, but just be sure to steer away from bright or overly bold colors. You don’t want to steal the show from the couple’s special day! If you are the bride, then by all means, wear that bold and beautiful hat. Ensure the hat has a secure fit with discreet hat pins, especially for outdoor ceremonies.

Finding the Right Summer Hat for You — Fashion and lifestyle expert Julie Manquen shares a couple of important tips on what you should look for when picking a sun hat. Opt for a wide-brim hat that has a brim that’s at least three inches long, so it shields your shoulders, neck, and face. Many hats are made with a UPF 50 factor to offer adequate protection from harmful UV rays. The best kind of summer hats are made from breathable materials, so they don’t restrict airflow — especially if you plan to spend extended periods of time in the sun and heat.

Matching Your Hat to Your Outfit — To match your hat to your outfit, try neutral tones like beige, white, or navy, which are all versatile colors that pair with a variety of summer outfits. Consider the occasion, like a wide-brimmed hat if you’re going to the beach or a chic fedora if you’re running errands. Formal events like weddings or work parties call for fascinators or structured cloches. Stick to lightweight materials, and remember — your hat is there to enhance your outfit, not to overpower it.

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