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Thinking about regularly exfoliating your face but not your body? However, it is a beauty gesture not to be neglected. explains why.

Whether it is to limit the appearance of ingrown hairs, prolong the tan, avoid peeling skin or even improve the effectiveness of treatments, body scrubs are an essential and indispensable beauty ritual. In fact, by eliminating dead cells on the surface of the skin, exfoliation makes it smoother, even and toned. Thanks to the help of  Advanced Research, discover how to maintain beautiful, velvety and healthy skin.

The benefits of body scrubs

A poor lifestyle, stress, age, external attacks… All these factors have a negative effect on our skin, including that of the body , which becomes less smooth and less firm.

A body scrub used regularly can prevent these inconveniences. It eliminates dead cells and impurities present on the surface of the skin and thus stimulates natural cell renewal .

With many benefits, exfoliation allows, among other things:

Better care efficiency

The protective layer of your skin is more refined and therefore less impervious to the daily care you lavish on it. Optimized, they then penetrate more deeply for a better hydrated and nourished epidermis.

A more even skin texture

Thanks to its exfoliating action , the body scrub refines skin texture , eliminates scales present on the surface and effectively prevents the phenomenon of peeling skin.

Younger, firmer skin

It stimulates blood circulation as well as the natural production of collagen . Excellent anti-aging and anti-cellulite treatment , the scrub plumps up, firms and smooths the skin, which regains all its tone.

An ally of hair removal

A sufficiently supple and soft epidermis hinders hair growth less and limits the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Benefits of body scrub

The different types of body scrubs

The mechanical scrub

Made with exfoliating grains derived from synthetic agents or natural agents (for example, nut or plant peels), it allows the skin to get rid of impurities and toxins thanks to the circular massage performed on all the body. It is suitable for all skin types, but still prefer a scrub with fine grains and softer compositions to meet the needs of the most sensitive skin.

The enzymatic scrub

We can speak here of peeling since it is a treatment with a chemical action. Exfoliating active ingredients , made up of fruit acids, will attack dead cells and eliminate them naturally, without the need to massage the skin. Indeed, it eliminates them by desquamation. This type of scrub is ideal for sensitive or dry skin  because there is no rubbing of the grains on the skin.

Also discover the Double Action Scrub for the face, both mechanical and enzygmatic.

Focus on PATYKA’s Revitalizing Body Scrub

Composed of ingredients of natural origin, the Revitalizing Body Scrub is an ethical treatment , respectful of your health and the environment . It contains all the biological active ingredients necessary for optimal exfoliation in order to rid the skin of impurities and accumulated dead cells . It is deeply cleansed, detoxified and nourished.

–  Sea Salt Crystals:  Astringent, remineralizing and 100% natural , they are great natural exfoliants to refine skin texture . In addition, they provide the skin with mineral salts and trace elements essential to its vitality.

–  Poppy Seeds: They also help to exfoliate deeply and gently , while stimulating cell regeneration and blood micro-circulation.

–  Aloe Vera: Rich in vitamins, it regenerates skin tissue thanks to its unparalleled healing, moisturizing and softening properties. Its fine texture and woody fragrance offer you a real sensory experience. Smoothed and toned, your skin is sublimated, younger and more beautiful.

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