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The best jeans and pants for an hourglass figure

Opt for flared pants. Do you have an hourglass body shape and are looking for the perfect pants? Opt for slightly flared pants. Flare and bootcut cuts maintain balance with your hips. In addition, these cuts of pants give your legs an impression of length while refining them.

Be careful with pants that are too tight. Badly worn, skinny jeans tend to shorten the silhouette. If you have long, slender legs, you can get away with pairing your jeans with a pair of high heels to compensate and add some length to your legs.

Do not hesitate to wear suits close to the body. very trendy, these very fitted jumpsuits are just incredible on hourglass-type morphologies. Just remember to opt for the one that will perfectly flatter your marked waist. Indeed, your perfectly balanced X silhouette does not need any other tricks to highlight your morphology and the curve of your hips.

Avoid harem pants. Unless you want to harm your anatomy, avoid these pants that are absolutely not for you. However, if you can’t resist wearing these casual pants, be sure to coordinate them perfectly.

Avoid pants with too many fantasies on the hips. Your pants should be as simple as possible in order to maintain the balance of your silhouette. Avoid pockets with flaps, large buttons. Also avoid any decorative element located on the hips.

If you’re petite: Opt for pants with a mid-rise or high waist. Avoid low rises which will visually shorten your legs while widening your hips. High or mid-rise waists, on the other hand, will elongate your legs and your figure. In addition, pants with a wide waistband or pants with bridges will be quite flattering.

If you are tall: Avoid unbalancing your proportions between your bust and your legs. If the latter are long, avoid wearing high waists and wide palazzo-type pants.

Choose jeans adapted to your morphology:

Stretch denim is your friend. Avoid choosing jeans with denim that is too stiff. Your jeans should be stretchy. The ideal jeans to accompany your morphology must contain at least 2% elastane

Opt for a high waisted cut. Tall sizes (unless you’re tall and have particularly long legs) are ideal for X-frames. waist higher on the loins.

Do not be afraid of very tight pants. Caution does not mean that you should run away from the very trendy skinny cuts at all costs. You can wear skinny jeans, but feel free to try several to find the right leg length and wear them with high heels.

What skirt worn when you have an hourglass type morphology?

There are many styles of skirts that perfectly flatter the X body shape. If in addition to your incredible body shape, you are lucky enough to have pretty curves, opt for skirts that will highlight them. The skirts adapted to your morphology are in particular:

High waisted skirts. These skirts are ideal to emphasize the waist marked with an X morphology

Pencil skirts. They have the advantage of accentuating the curves while smoothing the thighs. To keep your step easy, opt for a slit pencil skirt.

Flared skirts. Flared skirts like A-line skirts maintain the harmonious balance between the hips and shoulders while flattering the waist.

Wrap skirts. They are ideal for emphasizing the marked size of the hourglass type morphology.

Accessories to shine an hourglass morphology Of course, all the accessories worn or almost will look incredible with your morphology in X. However, avoid overloading your neckline unnecessarily with necklaces that are a little too excessive. Necklaces stopping just below the chest are also not recommended because they will tend to remain suspended in a vacuum. To accompany your silhouette, choose very short necklaces worn either close to the neck or on the neck itself (like choker necklaces) or opt for necklaces whose length is long enough to almost reach your belly. These necklaces will perfectly glamorize your look.

One last thing :

Every woman is different, every body is different. If you feel like your body shape isn’t quite the hourglass figure, consider running a few tests to see what works perfectly and flatters your figure beautifully.

Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some tips here, some leads to follow and we are sure that you will know how to adapt them best with your curves.

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