Tattoo Ideas For Men

It would be very pretentious to write  the ultimate guide to tattooing for men , as the subject is vast and above all personal.

Like men’s fashion where more or less, we have style or we don’t, tattooing is such a subjective practice that it is very difficult to bring out precise standards.

However, if the tattoo is above all an intimate practice, it also reveals many things about the person who wears it.

The democratization of tattooing in recent years has also seen the appearance of many charlatans with more or less dubious practices. Because the tattoo is above all something irreversible, we therefore offer you some common sense advice to approach this stage in the most serene way possible.

lower back tattoo for women

An essential step when choosing to get a tattoo, hygiene conditions must be respected by your tattoo artist. You must  flee like the plague  any professional who does not respect all of these rules or who answers your questions evasively.

The realization of a tattoo is, in fact, an aggressive act for the skin, which must be carried out under aseptic conditions (no need for sterile conditions).

Here are some rules that will allow you to see if your tattoo artist is serious.

Needles: these are for single use and must be opened, in front of you.

Gloves: Wearing single-use gloves is also essential. These must be removed when the tattoo artist is brought to touch an object foreign to the realization of the tattoo in progress.

Plastic film: it is recommended to use a plastic film to protect the work surface, the light, the caps or the spray bottle containing the antiseptic solution.

The place: the place where the tattoo artist officiates must be relatively protected. No need to be in an operating room but it is better to avoid getting a tattoo right in front of the living room door where every 5 minutes someone comes in to say hello…

If you are going to get a tattoo for the first time, learn how to answer this question, it will be asked to you throughout your new tattooed life!


Again, a crucial question when getting a tattoo for the first time. A few years ago, the shoulder blade, lower back, or ankle were the most popular locations for a first coin. For some time now, whether you are a man or a woman, the  wrist tattoo  has become an essential place. The revival of the old school tattoo and the rock style are one of the causes of this craze. It is true that this place is rather appropriate because it is both discreet and conspicuous.

However, as we will see later, depending on your tastes of course, we recommend attacking with an important piece when you are a man. This in order to have a tattoo that lasts over time. With this in mind, it is better to get  a tattoo on the arm or on the back  (not very painful, they also allow tattoo artists to express all their talent).

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