sexiest tattoos for men

Men’s shoulder tattoo, on the back or on the chest

Sporting patterns on the entire back or only between the shoulders, men with back tattoos can be terribly sexy… Especially when this masterpiece remains an exclusive for our peepers (unless the man in question likes to walking around bare-chested…)

 neck tattoo for men

This erogenous zone becomes even more exciting when it is adorned with a discreet pattern, a small anchor, a flower or a short word for example.

 Men’s arm or forearm tattoo

A true work of art, the cuff or sleeve tattoo is popular with these gentlemen. Like a canvas, the arm can have several small tattoos or encompass the entire arm. Most ? Under a shirt, we can only guess the entire design of the tattoo… Yes, it doesn’t take much to excite us.

Small tattoos on men’s hands are on the rise! Whether you opt for a small discreet tattoo, on the fingers, or for a more imposing one on the top of the hand, the area is more and more popular. But it is better to be sure of your choice before starting: on the one hand because even if the tattoo has become widely democratized, the area is difficult to hide. The other reason? The sharpness of tattoos on the hands does not last and the lines tend to become more blurred over time…

Tattoo for men on the ribs or on the groin

What do these two areas have in common? They are both intimate, they are rarely seen … and tattooing them is particularly painful. However, what could be sexier than a small tattoo on the sir’s ribs? When in the groin, we thought this area was old-fashioned and yet it is not so! The tattoo on the groin can give rise to all fantasies. And there too, it is an erogenous zone!

Men’s tattoo, what are the trends?

Some patterns are timeless, others more seasonal. In the first category, we find roses,  old school patterns ,  Jason Momoa -style tribal tattoos  and those borrowed from marine iconography. As for outdated tattoos, we all (necessarily) have an example in mind. Long romantic quotes, first names in gothic typography, figurative stars are, thus, much less popular in recent years. The tattoos which, on the contrary, are more and more attractive this season? Those inspired by astronomy and astrology such as constellations, planets, astrological signs but also those referring to Japan and Japanese culture. Unlike XXL and very colorful works of art,minimalist tattoos are also popular!

How to maintain your tattoo?

For those who want to take the plunge, know that it takes 2 months of complete healing before being able to expose themselves, with sun protection. If you want to be able to ride mechanics with your work of art on the beach, it is better to do your tattoo in the spring, or even before. The perfect time to get a tattoo ? The cold season, when you can ensure optimal and discreet healing under your warm clothes! We also think about taking care of your tattoo by regularly moisturizing the tattooed area to avoid bad aging. This is essential.

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