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To find the most suitable products for your hair, you must do several tests, discuss with your hairdresser or your friends and take the time to observe your hair fibers in the mirror. Also note that your feelings are very important. This year, say stop to your hair problems!

Aim for the best products

When choosing a treatment, I check that the product is of high quality, that its ingredients are of natural origin, and that I like its design and its fragrance. In other words, I ensure the expertise of the brand , at least on the whole. Rest assured that the top hair care brands are experts in their field.

Dior and Nivea’s famous little blue box: my must-haves

When it comes to cosmetic care, I’m not a snob at all. Even though Dior is one of my favorite brands for its foundations and perfumes, I can easily buy Nivea’s little blue box to moisturize my skin or a solid shampoo to wash my hair when I go hiking, because these products have the advantage of being practical.

The TOP 10 hair care products of 2021

Whether you are looking for a perfume, a conditioner or a quality mask for your hair, you will find what you are looking for in our selection. Drum roll… I announce the big winners.

My hair looks like nothing and is never smooth and silky. But I found the solution: L’Oréal Paris Elseve Dream Long Wonder Water Conditioner  . This forms a protective film and adheres perfectly to your hair thanks to its innovative liquid composition with lamellar technology. From the first use, it deeply repairs, nourishes and hydrates the hair fibers, which is absolutely wonderful in my opinion. If I like this conditioner, it’s also because it doesn’t contain silicone.

I also like the hair treatment for all hair types  Morrocanoil Treatment . Indeed, it contains an ingredient that I particularly like: argan oil, which has moisturizing and nourishing properties. This cure repairs split ends and leaves hair naturally shiny and incredibly soft to the touch. Thanks to this treatment, my hair is radiantly healthy!

There is always a place in my bathroom for  Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Reconstruction for Damaged Hair Shampoo . This shampoo not only repairs the hair, but it also maximizes the hold of my blonde color so that it lasts even during the winter. Its innovative blend of UVA and UVB filters and the presence of antioxidants give it great qualities.

Since we are talking about colored hair, I want to clarify that I prefer cool blonde hair over warm blonde hair. However, this shade was not easy to achieve…until I discovered the  Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Cool Blondes Yellow Tone Neutralizing Mask . In addition to firming and regenerating the hair structure, this mask contains amaranthus caudatus protein complexes that provide great softness to the hair and cleans the scalp.

Whether you are blonde, redhead or brunette, the Color Fresh and  ColorMotion+ hair masks  from the Welly Professionals brand take care of your coloring. They protect, strengthen and regenerate the hair so that it is soft, shiny and perfectly nourished. Wella Professionals is a trusted brand. I can attest to that, as I’ve been using his products since the 90s.

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